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Our Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life of senior adults in our community through recreation, information, educational and nutritional services, including health and wellness programs.

The reception area is a great place to converse with old friends and for meeting new ones. The coffee is always on! Home style meals are served at noon.

Our Recent Blog Posts

How to Care for Your New Hearing Aid

How to Care for Your New Hearing Aid

To be able to better learn how to take care of your hearing-aid, you have to know how they function. Despite the fact that reading devices vary with engineering degree unique functions, quantity handles, sound, style, and dimension, all of them possess the same...

Why Your Chiropractor is Not a Crook

Why Your Chiropractor is Not a Crook

You understand how useful they may be if you have actually visited a chiropractor. Many people who've never attended a Chiropractor they do not know how much a Chiropractor might help you particularly when you've pains and aches within you. I thought they certainly...


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